Slow cookin!

A lot of the time, when I talk to people about how I live my life and what I eat, I get the feeling that people think I’m obsessed with food and that I spend most of my time concocting extravagant juices and meals, when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, nowadays I would say that I have never been so relaxed and probably even lazy about how I think of food, especially when it comes to cooking and preparing food.

I have covered what I eat on an average day on this blog before here, but I now feel the need to update what I eat…as it all just got even easier!

In Febuary I was in Winchester, listening, watching and learning from my good friend Karl Whitfield as he unloaded a fantastic 2 day seminar, covering a huge variety on healthy living and how to improve yourself. As usual I learnt a great deal from Karl over those 2 days and spent them surrounded by wonderful, inspiring people who all each have an incredible life story to tell. If you have a yearning to be happier and healthier, check out his website for info on seminar dates etc.

Whilst I was at that seminar, Karl had set up a couple or slow cookers at the back of the room to demonstrate the benefits of making bone broths, I had never tried bone broth before but it was totally delicious!

Bone broth is incredibly good for you and has numerous benefits such as:-

  • Helping to heal and seal your gut whilst helping to promote healthy digestion
  • Inhibit infection caused by cold and flu viruses etc
  • Reducing joint pain and inflammation. The amino acids Glycine, Proline and Arginine help fight inflammation
  • Promoting strong and healthy bones due to the high amounts of Magnesium and Calcium and other nutrients
  • Promoting healthy skin and hair due to the Gelatin in the broth

So after learning about bone broths and slow cookers over that weekend, when I got back home I went straight into my kitchen and dug out the unused, dusty, brand new slow cooker that I purchased about 2 years ago and then the next day went down to my butchers and asked for a bag of Beef bones. Beef bones are the best bones to use for a bone broth.

Tip! If you go into a butchers and ask for a bag of bones, tell the butcher that it is for your dogs and he will likely give you them for free. Unfortunately, for those of you that know me well will know that I can’t lie at all without laughing and I tried to use the dog story but he wasn’t having any of it and made me put 2 quid in the charity cup!

So off home I went and for that week I was having cups of warm nourishing bone broth! fantastic!

Now back to how easy this all is.

To cook the bones all you need to do is put them in the slow cooker, cover in water and then leave them on “high” for 24 hours, you should see all the Gelatin rise to the top of the water and it will look all oily. You can then either remove the water and store in a fridge where it will turn into a gel or you can just turn the slow cooker down to “low” and leave it in there all week long and add some meat and veg to it and scoop it out when you need it. You can add a low salt stock cube to add some flavor if you feel the need

As well as bone broths I also slow cook pork and lamb shoulders in there too, and it really couldn’t be any simpler to do. If you have come to this site hoping to find amazing recipes that contain a tonne of ingredients and loads of faffing and time to cook then you have come to the wrong place and I’ll leave that to everyone else to do.

I read up on the best ways to cook pork shoulder in a slow cooker by just reading the first few results that come up on google. The first thing I realized whenever I read the instructions on how to cook the pork is that all the focus of these meals is to taste good and that the focus of the nutrition aspect doesn’t seem to get a mention. The first recipe I read told the reader to use a stock cube. If you have ever read the back of a popular brand of stock cube you will see that in that cube are approximately 18 ingredients before the flavorings that it doesn’t mention what they are. At the top of the list of ingredients is salt. when you look at the ingredients list on the back of a label, the order of ingredients on the list is in order of percentage that they take up of the product. The person writing the recipe then tells you to add a load more salt and “rub” it well into the meat! And then I imagine when the dinner gets served up then most people will add more salt on the dinner table. After reading all the instructions on how to cook the thing it just looked like a pain in the arse to do and I think this is what puts people off and instead will go out and buy a salt laden ready meal.

So I thought to myself “what if I don’t use all the ingredients that this guy is telling me to buy and just use a couple of things instead…that would save me time walking round a supermarket shopping and would save me money too.

So here is my way of cooking pork/lamb shoulder in a slow cooker:-

  1. Get a slow cooker

Slow Cooker

2. Put meat of choice in slow cooker

3. Add onions and thin slices of ginger on top

Slow Cooker Cooking

4. Add an inch or two of filtered or bottled water

Slow Cooker Cooking

5. Flick a small amount of black pepper on top

6. Set (depending on your slow cooker, refer to instructions) slow cooker to “high” for 2-4 hours depending on the size of the meat

7. Bring down to “low” for 12-15 hours

8. Check meat to see if all cooked and then set to “warm”

Slow Cooker Meal

9. Add Broccoli

Slow Cooker Meal

And that is it! That is how easy it is to make a really healthy meal with just a few ingredients. I leave the meat in there for a few days and just scoop a ladle or 2 from it whenever I need it. A warm nourishing healthy meal whenever I need it! delicious!

Just make sure to keep the water topped up in there, when I boil vegetables I use the water from that to top it up.


So that is how easy it can be to eat healthy! So along with slow cooking and juicing I would say I live a very lazy life when it comes to food, obviously that is not all I eat, I snack on nuts, fruit and a couple of days a week I have Spinach Omelette with local sausages from the butchers and everything else that I covered in my blog that I put a link to above.

People will probably read this and think how boring the meat will probably taste, and to be honest, 6 years ago it would have tasted boring to me, because as I mention, I think in My Story, I used to live my life, ten minutes a day when I would be comfort eating a huge pizza because the other 23 hours and 50 minutes of my day was crap! Now I use food as a fuel to help me enjoy my day from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed for a great nights sleep.

I’ll try and post more “recipes” soon.

Take care, thanks for reading

Jason x

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  1. Good idea dude! You should definitely do more of these!

    1. Cheers dude! Wild boar sausage with spinach omelette to follow lol

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