My Story

For as long as I can remember, before the age of 23, in my opinion, I can never really remember feeling that well.

I had epilepsy from a young age, and because of that I can’t really remember much of my childhood or anything really below the age of ten years of age, which was when, fortunately, I grew out of it. I remember being in and out of hospital because of it, trying all different kinds of medicines and having strange hats put on my head that were wired to some kind of machine. It was a really scary illness to have and still makes me feel uneasy now. I can still remember the “butterfly” feeling that I would get deep down in my stomach just before I was about to have a fit. My fits weren’t particularly violent like some people can have, they would be like a shiver, but one day I found a notebook that we had to record the number of fits that I had in a day and one day I had nearly 80 fits! Each fit would make me forget where I was and what had happened for most of that day, especially the hour or 2 prior to the fit. I had to miss out on a lot of normal things that kid did at that age, I wasn’t able to learn to swim with the rest of my year, and I missed out on a lot of school trips that included activities that were too dangerous for me to take part in. I had Epilepsy from the age of 4 until 9 years of age. It meant that I didn’t learn some basic skills like handwriting, as my hand to eye coordination was dreadful.

This picture was taken when my epilepsy was at it's worst. It always made me very tired, as you can see.
This picture was taken when my epilepsy was at it’s worst. It always made me very tired, as you can see.

I remember being in class and the teacher would give us some stuff to copy off the board into our books but the teacher would highlight sections for only me to copy as I just couldn’t keep up with the rest of the class. One year they even considered holding me back another year but I said I didn’t want to be kept behind because I would miss all my friends and I would feel silly with all the younger kids. The doctors managed to find a medicine, that wasn’t for my kind of Epilepsy that fortunately worked on me. Eventually in year 5 (2 years before senior school) I had ‘grown out’ of the Epilepsy. I was so happy that day, I remember my family being very happy too. My Mum said I still wasn’t allowed to look at strobe lighting and play the SEGA Megadrive for too long though for a few years after that, which used to annoy me a little bit but I was just relieved not to have it any more.

All the way through secondary school I was still never particularly healthy, I suffered tonsillitis very often as well as the “usual” illnesses that I would get and would often miss a few days or a week from school. From the age of 13 I started to put some weight on and I remember my Mum would put me on some kind of diet which basically consisted of me eating lots of beans on toast for dinner as I was a very fussy eater and despite my Mums efforts, I would not eat a single vegetable. An apple and maybe a banana was as healthy as it ever got, I considered milk and cartoned pure orange to be health beverages.

At the age of 15 my weight was really starting to pile on and at that age I suffered some kind of back injury, probably from playing football in goal too much or from falling out of a tree. I went to the doctors and he gave me some pain killers and told me to come back in a week if there was no improvement, which there wasn’t. So over the space of a year I swallowed a tonne of pain killers and went for an X-Ray and MRI scan, only for the doctors to not find anything and for them to just tell me “It’s probably growing pains, you shouldn’t have any pain after the age of 21!”. So that was that, if ever the pain got bad I would just take time off school, which would eventually be time off work to take the pain killers until it went back to its normal slight pain. Looking back at it, overall I still really enjoyed my youth, although I didn’t feel overall healthy, I was surrounded by an amazing family and had many wonderful friends. I have lots of fond memories of our family holidays in Cornwall and we also had some amazing Christmases.

At the age of 17 my Mum passed away from a stroke. She had battled with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis from the age of 14 and she used to take around 25 tablets a day. The tablets did help a little, but sometimes she would still get some major flare ups and she would have to stay in bed. I remember her having to take one tablet that would prepare her stomach lining to allow her to take another tablet 2 days later. She also had to wear wrist splints. She also smoked from the age of around 15 and would smoke around 20 cigarettes a day. Although it was technically the stroke that killed my Mum, deep down I always think to myself that it was the arthritis, the fags and all the side effects of all those pills that eventually killed her. That is just my opinion. She was 49 when she died. When my mum passed away I was absolutely crushed, I still remember the day when they announced that the reaction tests had proved that she was dead, I felt numb, it didn’t really sink in until that night I think. For a couple of years after that I kind of hit rock bottom, I started to drink a lot, as well as going out a couple of nights a week I would also drink a bottle of wine or 2 at home as it would help me sleep. I also comfort ate. When I look back on it I think that was my way of grieving, and after a couple of years I stopped drinking the wine and would just go out drinking once a week which I considered normal. During that time I did go to the doctors and asked for some counselling as I knew that I was struggling. I could have probably spoke to my family about it a bit more than I did but I didn’t want to trouble them as it was hard for everyone and they had their own lives. Incidentally I went to the doctors about 6 months later, this time because of a chest infection and whilst I was there he looked at his computer screen and said to me “We have some places for you got counselling now if you still need them?” My reply was “No thanks, I’ve already hung myself”.

From that time until the age of 23, my weight went through the roof, I continued to eat when I was sad, and even happy. At that time I was also in a managerial job in retail that required me to work lots of hours and took 3 hours of travel each day. I never had time for breakfast, and lunch would usually be lunch and dinner from McDonald’s that was situated on the same site where I worked. In my eyes, by eating the McDonald’s, it meant that when I eventually got home, I could just chill out on the computer and then go to bed to just wake up and repeat the same day again. The job itself and the people I worked with were the best I have ever had, but financially and time wise it really wasn’t working out for me, the cost of running the new car I brought and travel to get there, literally meant that I was working just to be able to afford to go to work.

IMG_0718In March 2009 I was diagnosed with asthma. I had previously gone to the doctors to ask if I was asthmatic in December 08, on the advice of my Dad, who had suffered from asthma all his life. I was always really prone colds that would turn into coughs, that would turn into chest infections and when my Dad used to hear me cough, he would say “You have asthma, go get tested”. When I went to see the doctor in December 08 he didn’t even test me and said “you’re not asthmatic, it’s just a chest infection, take these anti biotics”. Three months later I had another chest infection and that’s when I called the doctors again and it was only the practice nurse that was available. When she had finished asking me about the chest infection, she asked me to blow into a tube and then diagnosed me with asthma, after the Doctor had said I didn’t have it. She started me on the blue reliever and then also gave me a brown inhaler. They helped me lots and the chest infections stopped happening as frequently. She also took my weight and my height and explained that at 5ft 7” and weighing 18 and a half stone, I was at the top of the red on the BMI scale and that the weight wasn’t helping the asthma and that I needed to lose it. She told me that I needed to come down through the red, amber and make it to the top of the safe green weight which for my height was 13 and a half stone. She told me not to try and get lower than that because, from looking at my build, I would make myself ill. I walked out of there shocked at what she had just said about my weight, even though it wasn’t a state secret that I was massively overweight, nobody had ever told me, in a helpful way at least, that I was fat, and that because of it, things were starting to go wrong. At that same time I was still getting chest infections, had asthma, eczema, frequent colds, coughs, sore weeping eyes, frequent nosebleeds, fatigue, headaches and sore thighs from where the inside of my legs would rub because I was so big. In September 2009 I left the job I was in and started a general assistant night job in a supermarket much closer to home. With the increase in pay and the much less travel, it meant I would be £400 a month better off so it was a no brainer, plus I really enjoyed, and still enjoy the chilled night shift, it was much less stressful and allowed me to get a routine together and hit the gym to try and get down to the 13 and a half stone.

But there was still a problem…the back pain! The “growing pains” that were supposed to have gone by the time I was 21 still hadn’t gone and I was 23! I could barely last 2 weeks going to the gym before it would flare up and I would have to have a week off from it. One day I was down the gym and I saw a friend who had also suffered from a back problem and she told me to try going to a Chiropractor. I figured it was worth a try as nothing else had ever worked and I was really getting fed up of being in constant pain.

On my first visit to the Chiropractor, he diagnosed what was wrong in my back within 20 minutes! Even though the medical boffs and all their scans had never been able to find what it was. It turned out that at some point I had suffered an injury that had caused my pelvis to pull one leg higher than the other, causing an imbalance whenever I walked or ran. This was what was causing the pain and the Chiropractor said that with massage and manipulation, he will be able to free up the pelvis that should then release my leg back down to its normal length and I should be pain free. With 6 weeks of massage, adjustment and exercises that I had to do twice a day, I was completely pain free! After all those years! I was so happy! I could now crack on with the gym and try to exercise all this weight away. I hadn’t given my diet much thought at this point though. That Xmas I caught a really nasty flu from a family member and spent the week between xmas and new year, in bed shivering and sweating, I have never felt so ill in my life! I was so gutted that I got ill again, I was frustrated that even though I had joined a gym, paid for the back treatment and got that sorted, I was still getting sick with colds and stuff.

One day while I was ill, I was sat in my room watching some alternative documentaries on a website that had films covering all kind of weird subjects that I had never heard of before. Things about the controlling Elite, environment, aliens and stuff like that. It also had a “Health” section that I had never bothered to check out before, but whilst I was slumped there feeling sorry for myself I thought to myself “If that Chiropractor cured my back pain with just massage and exercises, and didn’t need a single pill or surgery, maybe there is another way I can make myself healthy” So I clicked the “Health” sub heading and scrolled down the long list of films. I randomly clicked on a film called “FOOD MATTERS” and proceeded to watch it. As that film went on I started to sit more upright in my chair with amazement! This film was explaining that you can cure illnesses and heal the body with diet, vitamins and juicing, as well as other things. It was a 2 hour long film and as soon as it finished I played it straight back again, to make sure that I understood what was actually being said. I was amazed and thought to myself “well nobody has ever told me THAT in school, on the TV, radio, magazine etc!”

So as soon as I got paid that month, I bought some superfood powders that the film had mentioned called Spirulina, Whetgrass and Maca and I started drinking them in water a couple of times a day. I also started to try to eat a little healthier by adding spinach and other veg to my dinners that were still not very healthy. I immediately started to notice some changes in sleep, energy and my skin had started to go a slightly darker color even thought it was early January. I thought to myself “if things are getting good just be drinking these 3 superfoods, what if I brought more, cleaned up my diet more and brought a juicer? So in the next pay day of February 2010 I went and brought a juicer, and as I got it home and was unpacking it, it came with a book called “The 7lbs in 7days juice diet by Jason Vale”. I thought to myself “another fad diet to try” and chucked it on the table and thought no more about it. A couple of days later I decided to give the book a read as I thought that it might contain some nice recipes as all I had been juicing was some apple, carrot and celery once or twice a day. I started reading the book and I was just blown away by Jason’s story and how similar to mine it sounded in terms of the illnesses that he had said he had but had reversed them by juicing and in particular, doing juice fasts! So on the following Monday I decided to do a 7 days on nothing but juice detox! I remember feeling like total and utter crap the first few days with headaches and also having to crap… A LOT! I was beginning to think it wasn’t a good idea but I stuck with it and by the end of the 7 days I felt amazing! I had never had so much energy, my asthma was already feeling a bit better and my jeans were getting looser! I was just astounded at what the effects had been! How could this be possible!?


So from that week I started having at least 2 juices a day, with a healthier meal for dinner, snacking on nuts and fruit and then at the pay week of every month, I would do another 7 day juice fast. I also started to read a lot more into nutrition, reading Jason’s books and also a lot of Dr. Andrew Saul’s website as well as many of his books about vitamin therapy. I also brought a book about Gerson Therapy.

I repeated doing all those things for 6 months, as well as going to the gym and the weight just started to fly off and within a couple of months my Asthma and Eczema had gone, nosebleeds, colds, headaches and all the other ailments I would get had stayed away and my energy had gone through the roof! I felt so good! Mentally and physically! I couldn’t believe it!

The thing that was hard with those first 6 months was that it was a very lonely experience as a lot of people thought I was mad for just eating nothing but juice and smoothies. It wasn’t until I had lost around 4 stone that people actually started to listen to what I was saying. But I was so determined to make it work that I just ignored what everyone said and just carried on. My Dad, who started juicing with me, was really helpful during this stage.

In the last 5 years, I have managed to lose 8 stone in weight, cure all those illnesses and very rarely get sick. I think in that whole time I have had a couple of flu’s, but instead of them taking a week to go, and them turning into chest infections and having to down a tonne of drugs, I now know how to get over them from just taking large amounts of Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid). I might get one cold a year but nowadays all that is is just a really clear runny nose, with no bunged up feeling, sore eyes or sneezing, its literally just a runny nose and people don’t even realize I have one.

My Dad has also reversed his Asthma, Eczema, nosebleeds and other ailments, has more energy and at the age of 63, says he “feels better than when he was 40”. He now regularly goes on long bike rides around and out of town! I can’t ever remember him doing that my whole life!

I have taken part in a few Extreme Obstacle Races including 3 Spartan Races, I have climbed Snowdon and Ben Nevis and recently travelled around Egypt for ten days. All of these I wouldn’t have had the energy or momentum to do in the past.

I have attended a few seminars by Russell James (, Neil Martin ( and Karl Whitfield of I have also featured in Jason Vale’s “SuperJuiceMe” film (, the book for the film and also stood up and spoke with Jason in front of around 1000 people at his last seminar in London.


The last 5 years have absolutely flown by and have without a shadow of a doubt, been the best 5 years of my life! I still can’t believe that all my illnesses have gone and how good I feel each day! It felt like a dream speaking at Jason’s seminar and it feels like a dream that I have started this website now, helping other people to get into natural juice! The 5 years have been really easy, I will explain why in the rest of the site so please have a browse!

Before & After

I would like to thank all my amazing family for being so supportive in the last 5 years, it’s thanks to you how I have turned out. Thanks to my friends for being so supportive of me through the last 5 years also, I’m so lucky to have you all in my life! Thanks to Jason Vale and Dr. Andrew Saul for writing such excellent books and bringing such great info into the world!

AIMG_2899nd lastly, thanks to my Mum or “Mutty”as we used to call her. I’m still gutted that she isn’t around to see how I am now. It also frustrates me that I didn’t know what I know when she was around, I often think that I could have helped her with her arthritis and other things. She really was the most amazing person I have ever known. Her favorite poem that she gave to Me and my Brothers is called “IF” by Rudyard Kipling and it has been an anchor for how I base myself ever since.

I hope you enjoy the site! Much Love Jason