What do I eat on an average day?

“Do you only have juices and never eat solid food then?”

It still amazes me how often I get that question. Of course I don’t just live on juices all the time.

“So what do you eat then?”

On a normal day, when not doing a juice fast, I usually have a juice or smoothie for breakfast and lunch, with a healthy meal and/or a green juice for dinner.

Scrambled egg and spinach with salmon, with some basil sprinkled on top is my favourite meal! I can’t get enough of the stuff!

When I’m working and I have been to the gym, then I will probably have a meal for dinner with a green juice. If it is the weekend and I haven’t been as active, then I would probably only have the juice for dinner. I always just have juice or smoothies for breakfast and lunch because I’m never that hungry during the day.

I eat whenever I am hungry. Now that I don’t live on crap junk food, I know when I have a genuine hunger, rather than just being bored.

In between breakfast, lunch and dinner I snack on fruit, nuts, seeds and drink lots of water. I eat as much fruit as it takes to fill me up.

Whilst I’m at work I mix spirulina, maca, wheatgrass, ashwagandha powders in water and drink that with some fruit.

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