Can’t I just buy pre made juices/smoothies from a supermarket?

At the time of writing this, the juices and smoothies you get in a supermarket (no matter how natural and “innocent” they look) are no way near as good as a freshly made juice, and I doubt that they ever will be!

They might contain a few vitamins and minerals, and you could argue that, compared to some of the other fizzy, energy drinks in the shop, they might be the next best thing. But¬†BY LAW, ALL BOTTLED OR PACKAGED JUICES AND SMOOTHIES THAT ARE SOLD ON SHELVES HAVE TO BE¬†PASTEURIZED, or heat treated to you and me. This is the same when a juice is “from concentrate”.

Juice Bars

If you go into a juice bar that is claiming that they are selling “100% natural, freshly squeezed or extracted juice”, take a moment to stand and actually watch what the staff are doing, are they making the juices to order, or have they already got some pre made, and if so, are they taking them out of the fridge or are they sat on the counter to look pretty.

If they take them from a fridge, the chances are that they may have made some in bulk before opening to help them out as the place gets busy, but the best way to find out is to just ask. Also, if buying smoothies, ask that the juice they are using in the smoothie has been freshly extracted or has it been poured from a carton.

When you freshly extract juice from fruits or vegetables, you are getting all the life energy from that plant, all of the live enzymes and all of the vitamins and minerals. As soon as you have made your juice, the nutritional value begins to decline, the rate of this can depend on what juicer you have used and how you store it, I will cover this on another post.

When you heat (pasteurize) any kind of food, you instantly kill off all the live enzymes and depending on the vitamins, those too. As soon as you heat a food over 30 degrees C, you kill off all Vitamin C for example. Now companies will claim that they may have re added the vitamins to “fortify” the juice but some vitamins, like vitamin C, will start to oxidise as soon as they are put into the juice.

So nothing can beat freshly extracted juices or smoothies, not by a long shot! If you are out and you are thirsty or hungry, buy some bottled water and some fruit, you won’t starve to death by the time you get back home to your juicer! Get into the habit of making your juices the morning, or at latest, the night before if you can’t make them fresh all day.

I will do a video soon on the difference of fresh and shop brought juices.

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