Don’t you get hungry just having juice?

People always ask me if I get hungry when I just have a juice, either on a detox or on a usual day when I’ll have juices for breakfast and lunch.

When I first ever started juicing, when I weighed 18 and a half stone, yes, that first week when I did a 7 day juice fast, for the first few days I was VERY hungry! For 23 years until that point I had stuffed my face, and If a meal left any part of a dinner plate uncovered, and not piled up like Mount Everest, it would be greeted with some form of protest!

So when I was only having a 500ml glass of juice, I would admittedly look down at it and think something along the lines of “what the f**k is that!”

But very quickly, I soon realized that these juices are actually VERY filling! When I was still at my biggest, I would have around 5 juices a day on the 7lbs in 7days plan, but if I do a detox now, I will usually only have 3 or maybe 4 if going to the gym as I get full much quicker now.

You see, what people fail to grasp, as I did initially, is that its not physical mass that makes you full, its NUTRIENTS! And there is nothing more nutritious on this planet than 500ml of green juice! Once you start feeding your body PROPER FOOD like organic meat, fruit and veg and juices, you will start to get hungrier much less.

Now when most people say they are hungry, they usually are either bored, looking at the clock, walking past a pizza joint, thirsty or stressed. None of these are GENUINE HUNGERS, they are more like triggers for your mind.

For example, if you walk past a pizza joint, and the door is open (which they usually are for this reason) and you smell the pizzas being cooked inside, you might not have had a thought about food all day until that moment that you caught a whiff of that food. It’s at that point you think to yourself “I’m starving”. This is not a genuine hunger, its the same as if you are stressed or bored, you can’t be bored or stressed whilst eating a pizza. If you look at the clock and its around 6pm, you automatically say to yourself “dinner time” and you will eat regardless of if you are actually hungry or not, you do it because we have been taught the whole 3 meals a day thing. Most people are usually dehydrated and a glass of water will be enough to suppress the hunger.

The truth is, most people, in the western world are OVERFED but UNDERNOURISHED, as I was for many years. If physical mass was the key to stopping hunger, then just from my usual Friday night meal alone, which would usually be a 15″ (yes 15!) deep pan, stuffed crust pizza, potato wedges as a side, washed down with a 3 litre bottle of “Diet” coke and for desert I would have a whole tub of Ben and Jerries ice cream and a 4 pack of large double choc chip muffins (made me feel funny writing all that) then I should never have got hungry again! But I would have been hungry about 2 hours after eating that stuff!


All those foods just contain a load of fat and REFINED sugar, there are no vitamins or minerals in there which is what actually feeds the body! and even if there was, I doubt my digestive system, after eating all that, would be in a fit enough state to absorb anything, and I couldn’t figure out why I had Eczema, Asthma, frequent nose bleeds, chest infections, headaches, colds and all the other things on the list!

As soon as you start giving your body what it needs ,what it was designed and has evolved to eat, REAL FOOD, food that has grown or lived on this planet for a millennium, then you will start to stop getting these “false” hungers, and you will start to learn when you are really hungry, which will actually be hardly ever, I very rarely get majorly hungry now, if I do, then I eat, no matter of what time it is or whatever, as long as its not too soon before going to bed.


I can still walk past a pizza joint and smell that food and still think “yeah, that smells incredible, I’m only human after all, but now, I have wizened up and quickly tell me mind to shut up and ¬†where to go!

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