Definition of exercise in English:


1[MASS NOUN] Activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

I HATE the word “exercise”. Look at that definition above, how bloody boring does that sound! For most people, when they hear the word exercise or a sentence like “you need to exercise more” an image comes into their heads of them having to go to a gym and pay a large monthly fee, just so they can drive to the gym and then go for a run on a treadmill, going for a run along a cycle track in the cold, (if in England) rainy mornings or doing some kind of latest celebrity exercise DVD in their living room whilst the rest of the family aren’t in the house.

Now I’m not knocking any of the ways of exercising above, I’m no personal trainer, I’m no professional athlete and I haven’t been to Uni and studied sports science.

But one thing that I think is seriously important when you undertake an “exercise”, and that is that it should be…


Definition of fun in English:


1[MASS NOUN] Enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure.

Now that sounds much better doesn’t it?

Go out and do something fun! The best form of “exercise” if we have to call it that, is one that you find fun and will actually go and do!

Tyre Flipping

Who decided to start calling fun “exercise” anyway? When you are a kid, you run around, playing football, netball, run outs or hide and seek in the street (back in my day we did anyway, that will be another rant for another page) and then all of a sudden, I think it was in secondary school, teachers told us “its now called exercise” and it all got boring as hell!

Above I used going to the gym as an example of what people instantly think about and dread when they hear the word “exercise”. The reason I used that is because people instantly think that going to the gym, and throwing money at a gym membership and maybe a personal trainer is going to make them lose weight!

Now I actually love going to the gym, but most people don’t like going to the gym and then they get annoyed after they have signed up to some expensive yearly gym contract and then don’t go. People seem to think to themselves “if I throw money at a gym membership or personal trainer then I am doing my bit to be healthy”.

If you enjoy the gym and find it fun, or are serious about TRAINING then great, go to the gym. Training is another term I prefer to “exercise”. If you’re saying that you’re training then you are probably of the mind that you are past the “exercise” mentality and you know what you are doing and are serious about improving your fitness and health.

Me personally, as I said above, I love training at the gym, it allows me to fine tune things with my body and hit selected muscle groups. Also, in the town I live in, in my eyes it is probably the healthiest building or thing that I could go to. When I go there, I’m surrounded by fit (in more ways than one!… if you aren’t British then you might not understand that joke by the way) people, or people that are, in most cases, seriously trying to improve their health. I see people with disabilities having physio or having rehab sessions. I could be spending my money in some fast food restaurant or some crap club on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, and all the other things that most “normal” people do, but I don’t, I choose to go to my gym where I can run on a treadmill and watch the news at the same time.

Band Training

I also love riding my bike, going for muddy runs in the fields whilst its raining, coming back absolutely soaked through and covered in mud with a big smile on my face, to me, that is mad and FUN! I also love doing extreme obstacle races where you have to crawl through a troth of ice whilst being electrocuted by metal wire that is connected to car batteries whilst some dude has a shovel and is burying you in the ice! Great stuff!

I try to do something for at least an hour every day.

Obviously, exercising without eating healthy is completely pointless. I have always said to myself that at least 80% of my results will be down to my diet and then the rest is exercise…but more on that in another page!

Whatever you do, just go out and have fun! Enjoy feeling better, being able to breath, sleep, move and think better! YOUR BODY WILL REWARD YOU!

“Going in the gym is easy, the real hard work starts in the kitchen”

At the finish line of the Spartan Race
At the finish line of the Spartan Race