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I am not a doctor and as such, am not qualified to give you medical advice. Before changing your diet, lifestyle, exercise routine or doing a juice fast, please consult your doctor beforehand.

If you read my blog and decide to act on any of the information given, like drinking the juice of Fruits and Vegetables, then you are doing so AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! You have been warned!

All the information I give is through experience or learning from other health professionals or “gurus”.

This blog is for entertainment purposes only and I am not providing medical, legal or professional advice.

If you decide to contact me in any way, by email, phone, Facebook etc., then these conversations will remain strictly confidential and I will ask your permission if I could quote you on my blog or use you as a testimonial. I will not sell any of your contact information to another company.

I reserve the right to change the focus of my blog or shut it down at any time.

I am not responsible for the actions of advertisers or sponsors, if you purchase a product from a link on this blog, I may be paid a small percentage of the final fee and this will help towards the cost of running the blog. If you have any issues with any product purchased from one of these links, please take the issue up with the company selling it and not me.

So there you have it, that is the legal bit so I can’t get sued by you if one of the juices you have makes you fart more than usual! In the eyes of the law, even though I have been “studying” nutrition for over 5 years, have lost a tonne of weight, reversed my illnesses, already helped people do the same, an overweight doctor that has spent around 2 hours of a 5 year medical course learning about nutrition, is more qualified than me to give advice!

Enjoy the site!

Jason Bray

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